Good relationships take lots of energy.
Stay healthy to keep your relationships on track!

Exhaustion makes it difficult to love oneself, let alone others.

There’s a baseline to health, below which it’s very difficult to spare any energy for other people.
Illness and low energy can make us pretty self-interested, verging on selfish.

You know how you feel, when a cold or flu strikes?
You feel very low energy. It’s an effort to do anything. The last thing you feel like is work, or socialising.
That’s because work, or socialising take an effort. …

But I am inspired to “Just be…”

Are our leaders crooks, bending the rules, using public funds to decorate their flats?

Has the whole Coronavirus sage been a total hype, and the biggest financial rip off in history?

Where has all the public’s money disappeared too?

Why is Bitcoin going up and down so furiously, when it’s actually based on thin air?

Has World War Three started already, but none of us outside the Tech industry actually noticed?

Is Elon Musk actually real?

Is the World burning down, or is this just Natures natural cleaning process?

Are the Russians just…

Recycling your used plastic bag wont do it. Buying expensive solar panels won’t do it.
Buying yourself a new electric car won’t do it either.
Not even Greta Thunberg, god bless her little bamboo socks, will do it..

I suppose that if all governments declared a state of emergency like our recent Pandemic, then we MIGHT just stand a chance.
The “inconvenient” truth is that “Science” is unlikely to solve our burning planet’s problem.
If we are honest with ourselves, we have to see that it was “Science” that put us there in the first place.


Greed, Greed, Greed, that’s…

You have a tumour, I say “disassociate yourself from the pain”

You suffered terrible abuse as a child, I say “disassociate yourself from your story”

Your child dies at three years old from Leukaemia I say… what do I say?

How do I explain any of it to you?
I imagine you’d just like to tell me where to poke my theory, and get on with your pain and grief without my stupid ideas…

Yet, I have spent over half a lifetime considering these questions. …

Dear readers,

I’m just recovering from a self-induced dose of AZ flu.

It really wasn’t that nice, but it certainly wasn’t that bad.

I realise now how much I value my rude good health, and how the slightest dip can really illustrate how great my health has been in general.

I gave up drinking about 18 months ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’d given up a heavy consumption of alcohol quite a few years ago, but still occasionally “tied one on!”

When my colleague said to me the AZ flu was like a bad hangover, I now see what he…

….Because you’re worth it!( L’Oréal)… The Power to be your best (Apple Computers) …Be the Best (The British Army)

I often tell the story of the 1970’s Chinese TV family, the joke is that an American kid comes to stay. The joke plays out thus..
Big bowl of apples on the table, one huge shiny apple on the top, the American kid grabs the biggest apple off the top, the Chinese family fall about in hysterics! A Chinese child would never take the best apple off the top first! Hahaha! Can you imagine!?? …

I’ve been writing a lot recently about Enlightenment, and my journey in its general direction.

If you’ve read my previous pieces, then you’ll be getting to the uber understanding along with me.

Firstly, it is important to state that you have never NOT been enlightened, this is the truth.

We all arrive in this game with total enlightenment.
The game is then to pile so much rubbish on top, that by the time we are fully cognisant, we have lost all understanding of the original state!

It’s a bit like the kids game, where you have to put on as…

The first burning question is “Will I ever get over how good an Onion is as a metaphor for Life?!”
I suspect the answer is NO!

Let’s peel back my eye watering analogy.
Is it a good analogy because life is often able to make you cry? — no.
Is it because of the bitter-sweet nature of life? — no.
What about the circular nature of life? — No Silly, it’s all about the layers! Life as a multi-layered existence.


When you are born, you enter into Society, whether you like it or not. The author Henry David Thoreau used…

Let’s take Enlightenment as our starting point.

The realisation that we really are all One, not intellectually, but really experiencing the one-ness of it all.

The blinding understanding that all there is, is Awareness.

Awareness is the Unity that every seeker seeks, and the truth that we all hide away from by default.

The One becomes the two..
God say’s “let there be light” and out of the void comes…
Awareness becomes aware of itself…

However, you choose to understand it, the net result is that we are a by-product of Awareness experiencing itself. In the author Marc Leavitt’s personal…

Don’t run away! Let’s all stay calm! It’s only a question….!

Here in the UK we really are nannied by the state. On the one hand, it’s amazing to have somebody caring, who’s looking after you. On the other hand, the Nanny isn’t your Mummy…
The nanny is somebody who’s doing the job for cash. They might be a “nice person” but it’s really all about the money honey!

Unfortunately you only have to look as far at the English Parliament to see a whole host of weirdos who were brought up by Nanny, basically because their parents didn’t know how to love them.
(I love a sweeping generalisation!)



Jeremy Colledge

I’m a Qigong teacher and healer of over 30 years, but I still haven’t learned to stop spewing my daft thoughts out onto the net.. hey ho..

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